Caleidoscopio Creative Group


The Creative Group CALEIDOSCÓPIO – Multifaceted Narratives for Children and Youngsters – arises from the desire to increase national production for children and youngsters through diversity. Scriptwriters with a variety of experience working for this audience joined forces to create this group to become a reference of quality production for the young audience. Winner of the Audio-visual Sector Fund award, the Caleidoscópio (Kaleidoscope) starts to turn and create stories.


There’s nobody better than Flávia Lins e Silva to oversee this group, contributing with her experience from over 20 years of writing for children and youngsters, with her beloved books and equally successful TV series. From Sítio do Pica Pau Amarelo, a reference for kid’s shows in Brazil, to The Detetives do Predio Azul (The Blue Building Detectives), which is now in its 8th season.



Graduated in Social Communication with a masters in Anthropology, Ana has worked with audio-visual and education for 15 years. She received a scholarship from the Ibermedia Programme to attend a specialisation course in script-writing in Spain, was a TV series script-writing professor at the Universidad Catolica del Uruguay and worked as a script analyst for EGEDA. She also coordinated the Teenager Forum at the 4th World Media Summit for Children and Teenagers. As an advisor for the TV Division of MultiRio, she accompanied the production of around 20 TV series from conception to air. She was the scriptwriter for the first two seasons of the infant series Gaby Estrella, nominated for the Emmy Kids Awards and Rockie Awards, and creator of the series Ernesto, the exterminator of monsters (and other crap), a co-production with Uruguay that is currently in production.


Trained in Journalism, with a specialisation in Executive Production in Cinema and TV at FGV, she began her career when she was 23 years old and since then has produced several series and shorts, such as “A Maldita”, awarded at the Rio Festival in 2007, and “Southwest” and “Two in the Morning”, by Eduardo Nunes, for 3 Tabela Filmes. Starting from her experience as an advisor for the TV Division of MultiRio, where she accompanied the development and production of more than 20 TV series, she restructured 3 Tabela Filmes and wrote the first two seasons of the infant series Gaby Estrella, which aired on children’s channel Gloob and was nominated for the Emmy Kids and Rockie Awards. She also wrote scripts for the children’s series “Ernesto, the exterminator of monsters (and other crap)” and the series “The Juacas”, which will go to air on Disney X.D. in 2016. She devised and produced the feature length film Five Times Chico – The São Francisco river and his people, a co-production with Globo Filmes, which premiered at the Brasilia Film Festival.


MO.CH.I.L.A – B.ACK P.A.C.K (Best Ways to Acknowledge Places and Curious Kids)
Documental TV series – 13 x 26 mins | Target public: 6 to 12 years old

An 11 year old boy travels around Latin America and puts a new thing in his backpack in each place he visits. We follow this boy’s trip with his backpack. In each new place, he is met by a local child, who shows him the family, games, jokes, food, stories and songs that make up their world. At the end of the stay, our boy exchanges something that he brought in his backpack for something from his host.

The title “MO.CH.I.L.A” [B.ACK P.A.C.K] is the symbol and summary of the project, because it makes reference to the cultural baggage that a child already carries with them, as well as the baggage they acquire on a trip, thus pointing towards INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE.

| Documental TV series – 13 x 7 mins |  Target public: 5 to 10 years old

The News Lighthouse is a news programme for children between 5 and 10 years old, which presents the news in a really innovative way. The programme is presented by junior actors who appear to reach the most unlikely places in the world (using chroma-key) in order to show “timeless” events about the cosmos, the animal kingdom, ecology, sports and international events. The news programme is emitted from an abandoned “lighthouse” and commanded by Captain East-West, the only adult on the team. By his side is 11 year old youngster Maria Glória who reads the news, while reporters Gabi Goiabeira and Zé Sardinha do everything they can to arrive at the location of the events, using skateboards, roller blades, boat or bike, so they don’t miss the action. We will be filming material in Rio, São Paulo and Salvador, as well as relying on material from national and international agencies, always reported with a youthful, playful and good humoured manner. In each episode, there will be three different reports and viewers will be able to participate by sending in their news!


POSITIVE FREQUENCY | Fiction TV series – 13 x 26 mins | Target audience: 7 to 14 years old

Daiane, Beto, Júlia and Jefferson, aged between 13 and 14, roll up their sleeves and do everything they can to improve the situation in Kosmos Village. After all, the boss of a shopping center wants to buy the area where they live in order to build a new enterprise. So that he doesn’t need to pay very much for the residents’ houses, the shopping center boss makes an agreement with the media, which helps to devalue the neighbourhood through constant negative news. To stop the arrival of the shopping center and the break-up of the group of friends, the four friends join forces and begin to create innovative solutions for the neighbourhood, which are then shared on the pirate radio station “Positive Frequency” that they created to comment on the improvements that have been made in the region.


ODYSSEY OF THE SENIOR HIGH |TV series fiction – 13 x 26 mins Adventure, Comedy | Target public: 14 to 18 years old

Lupe is 16 years old and has no idea which university entrance exam to sit. Pressured by her parents and by the school, Lupe takes a vocational test which throws her into a separate reality – full of adventures and madness – where she tries her hand at a different profession every day. On this journey, Lupe will experience different realities and learn to deal with the challenges of work and adolescence.


ERNESTO, THE EXTERMINATOR OF MONSTER (AND OTHER CRAP) | Feature length fiction | Target public: 6 to 12 years old

When children scream in fear of the monster under the bed, their parents know who to call: Ernesto, the exterminator of monsters (and other crap). The origin is a feature length of fiction for an infant-juvenile public that is an offshoot of the TV series that is currently in production. An adaptation of the namesake book by Uruguayan author Roy Berocay, Ernesto is a monster exterminator who, with help from his assistant Bartolomeu, uses far from conventional methods to help his child customers confront their “monsters”.

Ernesto is a captivating anti-hero. Over-weight and a fan of heavy rock music and junk food, he may not be politically correct, but he has a huge heart. With fine irony and intelligent humour, Ernesto is guaranteed entertainment for the whole family. In the film, Ernesto will take on a new case. But this case is different from others because it forces him to take a trip back in time to his own childhood, in order to help the young Ernesto face his very own monster. The only problem is that Rigoberto, the monster that lived under his bed and used to frighten him is nowadays his “best friend” monster and lives, retired, in his house. Will Ernesto be able to exterminate the monster from his past? How will this affect the exterminator’s future?


SLAM | Feature length fiction Dramatic comedy | Target public: 12 to 18 years old

An adaptation of the book “SLAM” by Nick Hornby, which tells the story of Sam, a 16 years old boy who doesn’t know exactly what he is doing with his life and spends his afternoons skating and dreaming of being the first in his family to go to university. He gets distracted when he discovers that Alícia, his recent girlfriend from a high class family, is pregnant. Sam repeats the “slam” of his mum, who got pregnant with him at the age of 16 and who had hoped that he would take a different path. In just a few days he goes on a roller coaster of emotions, even running away and spending a day pretending to be somebody else. The theme of teenage pregnancy is dealt with from an original point of view, from the boy, in a direct, but sensitive, delicate and very humorous manner.